Hostinger Coupon Code 2021 India: How to Get Upto 98% Discount [7% Extra Off on Web Hosting]

Hostinger Coupon Code

If you’re looking for a cheaper hosting choice, Hostinger is for you as its pricing plans start at just 79 rupees per month (use coupon ANILAGARWAL).

You’ll get features like a free domain, SSL certificate, 24x7x365 customer service, and more with Hostinger.

But how good is Hostinger when it comes to hosting? Find out from here along with a special Hostinger coupon code to save HUGE on their hosting plans.

If you are looking for an exclusive discount on web hosting, you must try our Hostinger coupon code 2021 for India. Save up to 98% on various Hostinger products. 

Our special Promo Code for HostingMonks’ visitors will save an extra 7% on all web hosting products.

Note: Applying this Coupon Code will get you an extra discount on already discounted prices as per the Hostinger India website. For example, if there is a discount of 70% on shared hosting, you will get 70% + 7% along with all freebies using our Coupon.

What else? You will get 100% Free Backup, SSL, and Domain too.

Hostinger Coupon Code 2021 India Details

hostinger coupon code 2021 India

A special coupon for our visitors that can get you the best deal on all Hostinger products:

Save 98% + 7% on Hostinger Products
Up to 98% discount on Domains. Up to 74%  + 7% + Free SSL and Domain on all Hosting Plans Deal Expiring Soon! More Less

Facts you must know about Hostinger India Promo Code:

There are a few points that we would like to highlight as you are planning to purchase a Hostinger product. 

Make a note of these facts as this will help you get the best deal without any confusion.

  • This offer is valid only for this month and can expire anytime.
  • Prices are available only using the special link with coupon: ANILAGARWAL
  • This coupon is available only for first-time customers and not for renewal cases.
  • Discount is available on first term purchase and regular rates will apply on renewal. Hence we request to buy for maximum tenure.

How To Apply Hostinger India Coupon?

Now, let us have a look at the method to apply Hostinger India coupon code: ANILAGARWAL and avail extra discount on Hostinger’s hosting plans.

So, here are the steps mentioned below that you need to follow:

  • Open and choose a hosting plan that you want to purchase.
  • For example, we are choosing the Single Shared hosting plan to show you how you can apply the coupon.
hostinger pricing after discount
  • Once you select a relevant plan for you, then you have to choose the domain and duration of plan that you want to purchase.
  • Check the “Order Summary” section and there you will find: Have a coupon code? Click here
hostinger order summary
  • Enter ANILAGARWAL as your coupon code to get the discount.
hostinger coupon applied
  • Once you enter the coupon, you will see the new discounted price. Ensure the coupon is applied successfully.

So, these are the very simple steps to get the discount on Hostinger by adding ANILAGARWAL as your coupon code.

We will now discuss the discount available on each product and also suggest the important plan features. Later in this article, we have also shared opinion on the plan that you should pick on the basis of our experience.

Product Wise Discount by Hostinger

Mentioned below is the list of all popular Hostinger products with a maximum discount available:

ProductMaximum DiscountSpecial Link
Domain98% Off 
Shared Hosting70% + 7% Off + Free Domain, SSL & Backup
WordPress Hosting60%+ 7% Off + Free Domain, SSL & Backup
Cloud Hosting55% + 7% + Free Domain, SSL, Backup, and IP
VPS Hosting74% + 7% Off + Free Domain, SSL & IP

Now, let us check each product’s offer in detail. 

Hostinger Domain Coupons: Domains at ₹75 Only

Hostinger is offering a huge discount on various popular TLDs only for a limited period of time. Grab the deal now before the offer gets expires.

Hostinger DomainsExclusive DiscountDiscount Link and Coupon
.tech Domain98% Off
.online Domain97% Off
.in Domain47% Off
.com DomainSpecial Price ₹602

Their panel is easy and simple to use. If you own a domain somewhere else, you can also get it transferred to Hostinger.

Hostinger provides you 24x7x365 Support over the chat.

Optional Product: Domain Privacy Protection. 

Hostinger Shared Hosting Coupon: Hosting at ₹79 Only

Your online project can be hosted using Hostinger’s web hosting for just ₹73 a month. [Using our Hostinger India coupon: ANILAGARWAL]

Shared Hosting PlansExclusive DiscountDiscount Link and Coupon
Starter: ₹7974% + 7% Off + SSL + Backup
Premium: ₹15965% + 7% Off + Domain + SSL + Backup
Business: ₹27953% + 7% Off + Domain + SSL + Backup

All Hostinger Shared hosting products are affordable and available at best rates this month. 

If you are looking for the web hosting solutions that offer best in class customer service, speed and uptime, then you must choose Hostinger. 

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Coupon: WordPress Hosting at ₹99 Only

This hosting is an ideal solution for WordPress lovers. It is a highly specialised solution for your WordPress site that offers great speed and features like multisite and WP-CLI.

Our Hostinger India Promo Code: ANILAGARWAL can get you this hosting at just ₹92 with various other freebies, as mentioned below.

WordPress Hosting PlansExclusive DiscountDiscount Link and Coupon
Single: ₹9960% + 7% Off + SSL and Domain
Starter: ₹19960% + 7% Off + SSL and Domain
Business: ₹29955% + 7% Off + Domain + SSL + Daily Backup
Premium: ₹89955% + 7% Off + Domain + SSL + Backup

You can start with Single Plan and later on upgrade to any of the plans as per the growth in traffic or website requirement.

Don’t worry, upgrading to any plan is seamless without any hassle and in fact, without any downtime.

Hostinger VPS Coupon: VPS Hosting at ₹285 Only

If you are looking for VPS hosting plans, Hostinger is offering its Servers at amazing and affordable prices. Our Coupon will save you extra bucks on each of its plans as mentioned below.

VPS PlansExclusive DiscountDiscount Link and Coupon
VPS 1: ₹28555% + 7% Off + SSL and Domain
VPS 2: ₹63955% + 7% Off + SSL and Domain
VPS 3: ₹92567% + 7% Off + Domain + SSL + Daily Backup
VPS 4: ₹113568% + 7% Off + Domain + SSL + Backup
VPS 5: ₹199965% + 7% Off + Domain + SSL + Backup
VPS 6: ₹299963% + 7% Off + Domain + SSL + Backup

Hostinger’s VPS plans are amongst the cheapest and still there is no compromise on quality. If you have technical know-how related to server management, you can opt for this. Else we will advise you to go for Cloud plans.

Which Hostinger India Product Is Right For You?

Hostinger offers various kinds of hosting plans starting just ₹79 only. But, if you are a beginner, you may focus on price, on the other hand, if you own a professional site with huge traffic, your priority will be speed, uptime and backup.

Ease of use is something that we all want, irrespective of what kind of site we own.

So, we will suggest to you the products that you should choose on certain parameters.

Hostinger’s Shared Hosting:

We suggest shared hosting sites for all startup projects, new blogs and low traffic sites.

There are three variants that we have mentioned in detail above.

  • Starter Plan is good when you plan to host only one website and expect very low traffic. Also, if you are creating a website just for a portfolio purpose or limited use.
  • Premium Plan is good if you are looking at hosting multiple sites in future. A Domain also comes free with this plan.
  • Business Plan is the top-end plan in shared hosting category. You will get Free Daily backup as against Weekly backup in other plans. 

Hostinger’s WordPress Hosting:

If you are a WordPress user and planning to stay with WordPress platform forever, this is a highly optimized service by Hostinger.

You will get WordPress Multisite that allows you to manage all your websites using a single WordPress dashboard. Isn’t it a unique feature? Of Course, it is.

Additionally, there is an advanced feature of WP-CLI using which you can upgrade your plugins and themes without using a browser.

  1. Single as the name suggests supports only one WordPress website. Good if you don’t have any plans to launch an additional WordPress blog during the year.
  2. Starter supports 100 websites and there is no cap on bandwidth too.
  3. Business provides you Free Daily backup and resources to support up to 1 lakh monthly traffic easily.
  4. Premium can support up to 300 websites and traffic of around 3 lakh per month. 

Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is today’s latest technology which is highly secured and ultra fast.

We recommend it to all the websites that are now seasoned and growing. 

For every growing site, you need dedicated resources like RAM and CPU. This is the key advantage of this plan.

Common features: Daily Backup, Dedicated IP, Free Domain, SSL, and Unlimited Bandwidth

In other words, it also acts like a Managed VPS hosting.

  1. Startup provides you with an affordable hosting solution with 3GB RAM and 2 CPU cores.
  2. Professional is good for sites with heavy traffic and where sudden traffic spikes are common. 6GB RAM and 4 CPU cores mean power-packed performance and reliability
  3. Cloud Global is built on Google Cloud Platform and is perfect for professional sites with millions of traffic.

Hostinger’s VPS Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is an ideal solution for professionals looking at complete freedom to manage the server.

You will get full root access and can install the software as per the requirements, entire management is at your disposal.

With a VPS plan, a server is split virtually and resources like RAM and CPU are dedicated for each customer. 

We recommend this plan only to website owners with at least some technical knowledge.  

Common features: Dedicated IP and Full Root Access.

Let’s look at the plan level now:

  • VPS 1 is for sites looking for something better than shared hosting but gets low traffic currently. However, 1GB RAM and 1Core CPU is enough if the traffic is almost consistent without too much of spikes. It is a first level alternative to Shared hosting.
  • VPS 2 provides 2GB Ram, 2Core CPU and 40GB storage. Recommended for small affiliate sites or blogs with growing traffic.
  • VPS 3 is good if you are breaching your current level of RAM and CPU and seasonal traffic bothers you with more resource requirements. Check if 3GB Ram, 3Core CPU and 60GB storage works well with you or not. Small Ecommerce sites should opt for this plan at least.
  • VPS 4 provides you 4GB RAM, 4 core CPUs and 80GB storage.
  • VPS 5 instantly gives a jump in resources like 6GB RAM and 6 CPU cores. Storage is 120GB in this plan.
  • VPS 6 is the top-end VPS plan of Hostinger with 8GB RAM and 8 CPU cores. This plan offers storage of 160GB. This plan can easily accommodate heavy traffic sites, E-commerce projects and Blogs with around million traffic.

Awesome Features: Why Hostinger India Is The Best Choice for You?

Hostinger India offers an awesome list of features at best possible rates. It has affordable solutions for every kind of blog, entry-level or professional.

There is a reason why Hostinger is trusted by over 29 million customers worldwide. Here are some of the features you must know.

Multiple Server Locations

Hostinger offers you the choice to host your website in various geographical locations like Indonesia, Brazil, Lithuania, Singapore, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States

Wherever your visitors are, you can host your website closer to them.

This gives you an edge over your competitors as you can get best in class speed. 

Excellent Speed and Uptime

Hostinger uses LiteSpeed servers and a server-side cache which boosts your page load speed at least 10 times. You can further enhance it by using LSCache and Cloudflare integration. Hostinger’s customer service can also help you configure the same.

Affordable Pricing

You cannot get all these features and especially this level of performance in ₹79 from any other host. 

If you are looking for the cheapest host without compromise on quality, Hostinger is definitely for you.

24x7x365 Customer Service

Hostinger offers an exceptional level of service through live chat. The best part is that they never sleep. 

It may be any second, any day, any month of the year, you can access them through your panel for any kind of help. 

Custom HPanel

Traditional CPanel is a great tool but not an easy one for beginners. Hostinger’s in house developed HPanel control dashboard is super easy and beginner-friendly. You can manage all your domains, hosting features, backups and everything from here.

Read: How To Install WordPress on Hostinger? [Step by Step]

Frequently Asked Question: Your Queries About Hostinger Promo Code India

Let us now answer your doubts and queries related to Promos and Coupons of Hostinger India.

What is the best coupon available for Hostinger?

ANILAGARWAL is the best Hostinger coupon code for India that is available right now and saves an extra 7% [over and above the price on the website] on all Hostinger products.

Is there any coupon available for existing Hostinger customers?

Existing Hostinger customers can renew the products at regular rates. All Hostinger discounts are for first term purchase only. We hence suggest everyone purchase for maximum tenure at one go.

What is the maximum discount Hostinger offers?

Currently, Hostinger India is offering up to 98% discount on Domains and up to 74% discount on Web hosting plans. Apply coupon code ANILAGARWAL to save an extra 7% over and above normal discount. 

Which is the best site to get a Hostinger India Coupon?

Hostinger India coupons are available at where we have a special rate negotiation with Hostinger for our customers. Hostinger has promised to offer an extra 7% discount over and above their already discounted price to our visitors.
Just use the coupon ANILAGARWAL during the the checkout. 

What are the payments methods available with Hostinger India?

Hostinger India provides all international and local payment methods so that every Indian can purchase it easily. You can use UPI, net banking, debit cards, credit cards, PayTM, PayPal, and Google pay. Other options like Bitcoin are also acceptable.

Does Hostinger India provide hosting for WordPress?

Yes, Hostinger’s WordPress hosting is highly optimized with advanced features like WordPress Multisite and WP-CLI.

How can I transfer my existing website?

You can use various plugins to backup the existing files and transfer them to Hostinger. In case of any difficulty, you can reach out to their customer service team for free website migration.

What is the maximum and minimum tenure option with Hostinger India?

There are 4 tenure options depending upon your needs and budget. You can opt between 1 month, 12 months, 24 months and 48 months payment options.

Can I get a free website builder as a Hostinger customer?

You can use their free website builder that is beginner-friendly too. Not only that, you can install various other CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Which is better, GoDaddy or Hostinger?

If you are looking for domains, GoDaddy is the best. But for best hosting with free domain, we recommend Hostinger. It is fast and affordable.

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Conclusion : Hostinger Coupon Code 2021 India

Hostinger India is a great web host available to us at unbelievable rates. For a limited period of time, you can get all its products at even better rates using the Promo Code below:

Save 98% + 7% on Hostinger Products
Up to 98% discount on Domains. Up to 74%  + 7% + Free SSL and Domain on all Hosting Plans Deal Expiring Soon! More Less

We discussed the step by step process above to apply the coupon and save a huge cost without any issue. 

Hostinger offers great customer service, speed, uptime and security that you are looking for. 

So, it’s now the perfect time to go for your online project using the Hostinger.

Once again, we will reiterate to go for a maximum duration as per your pocket as all the discounts are one time and for the first bill period only.

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