ChemiCloud Review 2022: Expert Opinion on Features, Plans & Pricing

Are you looking for an honest opinion on ChemiCloud web hosting? In this article, we are going to test this web host on various important yardsticks. If you are planning to buy a new hosting and considering ChemiCloud as an option, you must check out this ChemiCloud hosting review.

Like our other reviews, we checked its claims related to speed and uptime through various popular tools, read the reviews made by actual users, and compared it with other web hosts.

The day we hosted our first test site with ChemiCloud, we are observing its daily stats and now we have sufficient data to review this web hosting company.

Globally, ChemiCloud is considered one of the most powerful yet affordable hosting brands that offer great features and lots of freebies.

But is it worth recommending for India? We tried to find out whether they have servers in India or not as this review is specifically testing this hosting for the Indian market.

We will reveal everything about this hosting company in our review later but one thing that is worth mentioning here is its amazing offering – a free lifetime domain. Yes, to know more about this, we recommend you to go through the full article.

Bottom Line: In Case You Are In A Hurry

In case you don’t want to go through the complete article, here is a quick overview of this ChemiCloud review.

ChemiCloud is a US-based web hosting provider that provides you with amazing services at a reasonable price. The best thing for the Indian users is that it also has its data servers in Bangalore, India.

It has four different web hosting services which include Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting.

The very first plan of ChemiCloud Hosting starts with just $3.95 per month.

Freebies: Free Lifetime Domain, Free Migration, Free SSL, Free CDN, Free Automated Daily Backups, and many more.

Do we recommend ChemiCloud?
Yes, we have tested ChemiCloud hosting on various platforms and found it a reliable web host that offers great speed and uptime. You should go for it. Unlike other web hosts, you can test their services for 45 days and ask for a refund if you are not satisfied.

ChemiCloud Hosting Review USD 3.95

ChemiCloud Review Summary

ChemiCloud is one of the best web hosting companies that offer a lifetime free domain with advanced security features like a daily backup. We observed its uptime and checked the speed using various tools. We found great results there.

Currently, you are getting up to a 60% discount making the deal even sweeter.

Introduction To ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud is an independently owned web hosting company based in the US. With over a decade of experience in this industry now,  It is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies that offers you affordable web hosting solutions with amazing features and lots of freebies.

The web hosting services offered by ChemiCloud are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

Its data centers are located at 11 different locations around the world

  1. San Francisco,
  2. Dallas,
  3. Toronto,
  4. New York,
  5. London,
  6. Frankfurt,
  7. Bangalore,
  8. Bucharest,
  9. Tokyo,
  10. Singapore, and
  11. Sydney.

ChemiCloud is a beginner-friendly web host that offers you one-click install to over 400 applications including WordPress. ChemiCloud supports multiple CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Node.js, and Python to design and create websites.

Choose the one that you are comfortable with and start your online project in just a few clicks.

Why You Should Choose ChemiCloud As Your Web Host in 2022?

chemicloud web hosting review

The purpose of this review is to find why you should choose ChemiCloud as your web host.

Well, the decision will depend upon various critical factors like pricing, performance, reliability, and service. Let us now discuss them one by one and find out the claims vs reality.

1. Free Lifetime Domain

As we discussed above, this is a unique feature that only a few web host in this world provides you. We see almost every web hosting offering a free domain, but that is for the first year only.

With ChemiCloud, things are different. You get a lifetime free domain and that simply means that till the time your hosting account is active with ChemiCloud, you don’t need to pay for domain renewal.

2. Money-Back Guarantee Of 45-Days

The next advantage with ChemiCloud is that it offers you a money-back guarantee of 45 days.

You can easily get all your money refunded within 45 days of your purchase from ChemiCloud. Most of its competitors like Bluehost, etc, you get only 30 days refund policy. This extra 15 day means almost a half extra month to test their services.

3. No Migration Fees

If you already own a website, transferring it to other web hosting is a cumbersome task. Most of the web hosts help you in the transfer but may ask for a fee at the time of migration. But with ChemiCloud, it is not like that.

It offers you a free migration service, which means you don’t have to pay even a single penny for transferring your existing websites from another host to ChemiCloud.

4. Let’s Encrypt Free SSL

SSL is very important for your website. It helps in data encryption and hence recommended as an important security feature. That Padlock sign you see in your browser actually helps to build user’s trust.

Google itself recommends it as an important feature as SSL ensures to encrypt the data of your site when it travels over the network.

5. Automated Daily Backups

It is one of the advanced security features that we often ignore. We realize its importance only when the site is hacked.

Why do you need daily backups? Put yourself in a situation where your site gets hacked and you don’t have any backup of your website.

You are absolutely tension-free with ChemiCloud as you get free automatic daily backups.

Through cPanel, you can restore your backup anytime.

Pro Tip- We also advise you to create a local backup using plugins like UpdraftPlus. It is always good to have options in the time of crisis.

6. Great Speed And Uptime

ChemiCloud provides you with great speed and performance. So to test these facts we created one dummy site and tested it on several platforms like GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Bitcatcha.

Let’s begin with the speed test first. Pageload speed along with core web vitals are critical for your page rankings. This is also significant if you own an E-commerce store as even a second delay can cause a 40% page abandon rate. That means your user will quit your page if it is slow to load.

Test 1. GTMetrix

So here is the first test report that we got after testing our dummy site on GTMetrix. We will now share the report of the test that we performed using Canada servers.

chemicloud gtmetrix test

As you can see in the above image, we got 100% performance and A-Grade with an LCP of 0.7s, which means that ChemiCloud servers are really fast.

Test 2. Pingdom

It’s our habit that we don’t trust and rely on just one tool. So we chose another renowned tool – Pingdom. This time, we also chose different geography, i.e. London.

chemicloud pingdom test

You can see in the above result, we got the A-Grade performance on Pingdom also. Not only that, the same page loaded in just 1.85 seconds, and that too without any CDN service.

Test 3. BitCatcha

After Pingdom, we used BitCatcha to test the same dummy site there, and got the following result:

chemicloud bitcatcha test

Bitchatcha tested this page from 10 different locations and checked the server response time. Getting A-Grade was not at all shocking this time.

You can see the different response times at different locations in the world. The highest response time is 374 ms and the lowest is just 34 ms. Without CDN, these figures are amazing.

Pro Tip: Use Free CDN- Cloudflare along with your shared hosting to get better global page load speed and even security.

This is not all, We will now check the Uptime.

How about a situation when a user is trying to visit your website and observes that your site is down and the server is not responding?

Well, no professional site will want that situation. We all expect 100% uptime, however, that is next to impossible. Web hosting companies also need to perform some admin and upgrade-related tasks for which the server has to be switched off.

For us, anything above 99.9% is a good number and it is excellent if it is close to 99.99%.

Uptime Test: Uptime Robot Tool

If you will see the test result, we are checking it for the last 5 days and didn’t observe any downtime. We will however continue to monitor it and update the fresh results periodically.

chemicloud uptime

7. Free CDN

We suggested you use Cloudflare’s CDN for better speed and security. With ChemiCloud, this service is free and there is a seamless integration that works like a charm.

CDN basically creates copies of your website files on multiple servers across the globe. Cloudflare CDN offers over 70 plus such locations that are spread across the globe.

When a user requests your page, the data is served from the nearest CDN server and not from your hosting’s server. This reduces the lookup time and loads time drastically, which ultimately results in the best speed. It also protects you from DDOS attacks and other security threats.

ChemiCloud: Plans & Pricing

Now, let us review the plans and pricing of ChemiCloud. We know that its performance and features that we discussed above are exciting and you will now want to check its affordability as well.

So, by not taking it any longer, let’s discuss the different plans along with pricing details.

Plans & Pricing:

ChemiCloud offers you four different web hosting plans, which are:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Cloud Server Hosting
  4. Reseller Hosting

Have a look at the table below to the current pricing and offer by ChemiCloud on its different web hosting plans.

HostingRegular PriceDiscountOffer Price
Shared$7.90/m50% OFF$3.95/m
WordPress$7.90/m50% OFF$3.95/m
Cloud Server$79.95/m25% OFF$59.96/m

1. Shared Hosting

If you are a beginner or looking for hosting that is sufficient for a small project, start with Shared hosting. It is affordable as you don’t have to bear the 100% cost of the server. Hosting companies create a pool of website owners and allot them one server for their website files.

This is a good plan for low-traffic sites and especially when the budget is also a key factor.

ChemiCloud starts offering its web hosting service at just $3.95 per month. [Check our special pricing coupon below]


Here are the features of ChemiCloud Shared Hosting:

  • Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Websites
  • SSD Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Lifetime Domain
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL
  • Worldwide Server Locations
  • 1-click Backup Restore


ChemiCloud offers three different plans under its shared hosting, which are:

shared plans of chemicloud

Starter: The Starter Plan allows you to host one website, where you are provided with a Free lifetime domain, Daily backup, 1GB of RAM, and 15GB of SSD disk storage, with lots of other features. It costs you $3.95 per month.

Pro: This plan costs you $6.95 per month where you are provided with a Free lifetime domain, Daily backup, Imunify 360 malware protection, 2GB of RAM, 25GB of SSD Storage, with lots of freebies.

Turbo: This hosting is great for sites with traffic and resource requirements. It gives you a 10x speed boost. It offers Cloudflare Railgun, Free lifetime domain, Daily backup, Imunify 360, 3GB of RAM, and 35GB of SSD Storage with various other features. It costs you $10.95 per month.

Coupon: Use Special Coupon Code “ANILAGARWAL” to get an extra 60% OFF on your purchase from ChemiCloud.

SSD Storage15GB25GB35GB
Free DomainLifetimeLifetimeLifetime

Freebies: Free SSL, Free Migration, Free Lifetime Domain, Free Backups.

2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a highly optimized web hosting that caters to the specific needs of WordPress Websites.

ChemiCloud’s WordPress Hosting plan is more like its shared hosting only but the only difference is their server-level configuration. If you opt for this hosting, all your neighboring sites will be of WordPress CMS only and the server is built to perform for this CMS.

The very first plan of the WordPress hosting of ChemiCloud starts from $3.95.

We recommend this web hosting for those users who are looking forward to creating a WordPress blog.

The benefit of having WordPress hosting is that you get better speed and performance as compared to shared hosting.


Here are the features of ChemiCloud WordPress hosting.

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Lifetime Domain
  • Free Domain
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • No Migration Fees
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Email Accounts


ChemiCloud offers you three different plans for its WordPress hosting:

wordpress plans of chemicloud

Starter: It is the very first plan that costs you $3.95 per month where you are provided with 1 website to host and 15GB of SSD Disk storage.

Pro: It costs you $6.95 per month, where you are allowed to host an unlimited number of websites and provided with 25GB of SSD Disk Space. Daily malware scanning through imunify360 is available with this plan.

Turbo: This plan costs you $10.95 per month where you are provided with 35GB of SSD Disk Storage and can host an unlimited number of websites. You also get daily malware scanning, Cloudflare Railgun, and 3x more resources here.

Coupon: Use Special Coupon Code “ANILAGARWAL” to get extra 60% OFF on your purchase from ChemiCloud.

SSD Storage15GB25GB35GB
Free DomainLifetimeLifetimeLifetime

Freebies: Free SSL, Free Domain, Free Migration, Free Daily Backups, Free CDN.

3. Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS hosting is a professional hosting service that is made for heavy traffic sites. You get your virtual share of resources like RAM and CPU that gives you consistent and in fact better performance.

The only issue with this service is the level of knowledge that is required. You need to know the entire server management to manage this hosting. Thankfully, With ChemiCloud, all server-related tasks are managed and you don’t have to worry about them.

ChemiCloud offers you managed VPS hosting where you don’t have to worry about technical issues and updates.

All the back-end work and tasks will be managed and handled by ChemiCloud’s technical team.

It is web hosting where you are provided with the dedicated resources allocated to you visually for blazing fast speed and consistent performance and starts with just $59.96 per month.

We recommend this web hosting for that website that is currently hosted on Shared and WordPress hosting and looking for more resources to meet the traffic demand.


Here are the features of ChemiCloud Cloud VPS Servers:

  • Complete Server Management
  • Cloud Infra for More Stability
  • SSD Storage
  • Free cPanel License
  • Free SSL
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • No Migration Fees
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee


It offers you four different Cloud VPS plans, which are:

cloud plans of chemicloud

Iron: The very first plan is the Iron plan, where you are provided with 80GB of SSD storage, 4GB of RAM, and many other resources with freebies. It costs you $59.96 per month.

Bronze: The Bronze plan costs you $89.96 per month where you are provided with 160GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, and other resources.

Silver: It costs you $149.96 per month. This Silver Plan comes with premium resources like 320GB of SSD storage, 16GB of RAM, and other resources.

Gold: The Gold Plan is a super-premium plan, where you are provided with 640GB of SSD Storage, 32GB of RAM, and other resources. It costs you $269.96 per month.

Coupon: Use Special Coupon Code “CLOUD25” to get an extra 25% OFF on your purchase from ChemiCloud.

SSD Storage80GB160GB320GB640GB

Freebies: Free CDN, Free Migration, Free SSL, Free cPanel License.

4. Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a special web hosting, designed for those users who want to sell the web hosting services to other users and are into the hosting sales business.

ChemiCloud starts offering its web hosting services at $19.95 per month.


Here are some of the features that are provided by ChemiCloud under its Reseller hosting plans:

  • SSD Disk Storage
  • Imunify 360 Security
  • Custom Nameservers
  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL
  • Free cPanel/WHM
  • No Migration Fees
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • 8 Server Locations


ChemiCloud offers you four different plans under Reseller hosting, which are:

reseller plans of chemicloud

Electron: Electron plan is the first plan under Reseller hosting, where you are provided with 30GB of SSD storage, 1TB of bandwidth, along with features specified above. It costs you $19.95 per month. 40 cPanel accounts are included with this plan.

Fusion: This plan starts with just $34.95 per month. Here you are provided with 60GB of SSD Storage, 2TB of bandwidth, 75 cPanel accounts, and other common features that we discussed above.

Expansion: In this plan, you get 150 cPanel accounts and more resources like 80GB of SSD, 3TB of Bandwidth. It will cost you $50.95 per month.

Evolution: The Expansion is the top-end reseller plan by ChemiCloud that costs you $64.95 per month. Here you are provided with 100GB of SSD disk storage, 4TB of Bandwidth, and all the premium resources. 200 cPanel accounts are included with this plan.

SSD Storage30GB60GB80GB100GB
cPanel A/c4075150200

Freebies: Free CDN, Free cPanel, Free SSL, Free Daily Backups.

ChemiCloud Pros And Cons

We always share even the hardest to digest truth with our viewers. With Pros and Cons, we will also share a positive and negative side of the story.


  • Offer free lifetime domain.
  • There is no extra fee at the time of migration.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL.
  • Provides Free Cloudflare CDN services.
  • 45-Days of Money-back Guarantee.
  • Multiple Data servers at several locations.
  • 24/7 LiveChat and Tickets Support.
  • Enhanced Safety with 256-bit Encryption.
  • Daily Backups


  • Does not offer a monthly plan.
  • No Dedicated server hosting.

The starter plan doesn’t even allow you to choose an annual option.

These are some of the things that you should keep in your mind while you purchase this hosting. Basis our experience, if you are not categorically looking for a monthly plan, this hosting is a go-to option.

How To Start A Blog With ChemiCloud?

If you are looking for how to start a blog or your business website with ChemiCloud, then here we are going to give a detailed tutorial with quick steps.

So, here are the steps to create your new website with this web host:

Step 1: Visit ChemiCloud in your browser.

chemicloud web host

Step 2: Choose a web hosting and select a relevant plan.

select a chemicloud plan

Step 3: Next, you have to select a domain for your website. If you already have a domain, then you can use that, and Continue.

choose a domain on chemicloud

Step 4: After selecting a domain for your website, choose a time period for your plan.

chemicloud plan tenure

Step 5: Scroll down, and select your nearest server location and continue.

choose server location on chemicloud

Step 6: Now, look at the top-right, you will see the order summary. Check the billing details and click on Continue.

chemicloud checkout page

Step 7: You will see a final configuration check for your domain, check it and click on the Continue button.

domain configuration

Step 8: Now, finally check your order details once and you will find an option where you can add a coupon codeANILAGARWAL.

chemicloud coupon details

Choose a relevant coupon as mentioned above and get it going.

Step 9: Scroll down and you have to enter billing details here. Fill in all the mandatory details and proceed.

chemicloud fill billing details

Step 10: Now, it’s time to pay for your order. You can either pay by credit card or PayPal.

chemicloud payment methods

Step 11: Now, check your order summary and click on the Checkout button to proceed with the payment.

So, this is how you purchase the web hosting from ChemiCloud and can start your new website with it.

ChemiCloud Hosting Reviews From Actual Users

Are you looking for what actual users are talking about this web host? Here is the snapshot of ChemiCloud Reviews that we got from TrustPilot.

chemicloud trustpilot reviews

As you can see in the above image, there are almost 99% of users that are happy and satisfied with the ChemiCloud web hosting and its service.

We picked on such a review posted by a ChemiCloud user on this platform.

chemicloud user review

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Best Alternatives To ChemiCloud

Comparing a product with its best competitor is always the best option. So, here we are going to discuss in brief the alternatives of the ChemiCloud web host.

So, the best alternatives to ChemiCloud hosting are:

  • Bluehost
  • NameCheap

Let’s discuss these alternatives in detail below.


For WordPress websites, this is one of the best alternatives we will suggest to our visitors. Bluehost is recommended by WordPress itself.

It is one of the leading web hosting companies which is very popular for its great speed, performance, uptime, and features.

The very first plan of Bluehost starts with just $2.95 per month.

It provides different web hosting services like Shared, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Freebies with Bluehost: Free Domain, Free CDN, Free SSL, Free Automated Backup, Email Hosting, and more.

If you want to know more about this web host, then we recommend you to read the detailed Bluehost Review.


For those who don’t know about NameCheap, it is a popular domain registrar and web hosting provider in the world that provides its services at affordable prices.

It offers various web hosting services like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller Hosting.

NameCheap starts offering its web hosting services at just $1.44 per month.

Freebies with NameCheap: Unmetered Bandwidth, Free Domain, Free Domain Privacy, Free Site Builder, Free SSL, and more.

Browse More:


What is the uptime guarantee of ChemiCloud?

ChemiCloud offers you a 99.99% of uptime guarantee with every web hosting plan.

Where are the datacenters of ChemiCloud?

ChemiCloud data centers are located at these locations: San Francisco, Dallas, Toronto, New York, London, Frankfurt, Bangalore, Bucharest, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney.

How long does it take to activate my ChemiCloud account?

Well, there are very rare cases where it takes time to activate your account. Usually, your account is activated within a few minutes after you successfully completed the payment procedure.

Does ChemiCloud offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, ChemiCloud offers you a money-back guarantee of 45 days. In case, you are unsatisfied with its web hosting services, then you can get your 100% money-back within 45 days of your purchase.

What is a Free Lifetime Domain and how can I get it?

Free Lifetime Domain is an offer that is offered by ChemiCloud on most of its products. You don’t have to worry about your domain renewal and purchase. The company will automatically renew your domain every year for free.

The free lifetime domain includes these domain extensions:, .uk, .eu, .us, .es,, .in, .ro,, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name,, .nl.

Do I need to be an expert to handle VPS Hosting?

No, ChemiCloud VPS hosting plans are fully managed. You don’t have to worry about the technical and back-end issues, as all these tasks will be managed by their core technical team.

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Conclusion: ChemiCloud Review 2022

Yes, ChemiCloud is a good web host and we recommend it. We tested it using popular tools and found amazing speed and uptime that is a critical factor you must consider. For security, you get free SSL and daily backup at no additional cost. Advanced features like Imunify360, Cloudflare Railgun are also available with top-end shared hosting plans.

In case you are not satisfied, the company gives you 45 days of guarantee that is almost 15 days extra as compared to 30 days normal trend.

Regarding their service, their chat teams are available round the clock and we tested them to confirm the same. Honestly speaking, we have nothing against them to mention here.

About the brand, ChemiCloud is operating in this industry for the last 10 years approx and also one of the fastest-growing web hosting providers in the world.

We hope you found this ChemiCloud review helpful and informative. We have covered every single point regarding this web host that you would want a review to cover.

If you find this article helpful or if you have any doubt regarding this web host, then we suggest you use our comments section and let us know via your comment below.

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