WPEngine Black Friday 2021 Deal: Get 5 Months Free Hosting

As a marketer, you have the chance of getting massive discounts on digital marketing tools and products during Black Friday sales. This is the time each year when merchants give lots of discounts on their products – and good enough, WPEngine isn’t left out.

In this post, our focus is on WPEngine Black Friday 2021 deal.

WPEngine is one of the best and the most popular web hosting provider on the internet. It’s a bit expensive though, but they’re worth the price as you’re guaranteed amazing and ultrafast web servers with excellent customer support.

It might interest you to know that some of the top media houses such as National Geographic, Yelp, PBS, Asana, etc. are their customers.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a dependable managed WordPress Hosting for all your hosting needs, WP Engine is perhaps the best option to choose.

With this WPEngine Black Friday Deal, you can get 5 Months free hosting of their Managed WordPress hosting. So if you really want to save some money on web hosting, this is the best time to do just that.

WPEngine Black Friday Offer Details:

  • Offer: 5 months FREE on any annual shared plan at WP Engine.
  • Coupon Code: CYBERWPE30
  • Dates Valid: Monday, November 22, 2021 – Friday, December 3, 2021
  • Offer is ONLY valid for new customers purchasing any Startup, Growth, or Scale plan.

Grab WPEngine Black Friday Deal Now!

That said, let’s discuss more about the deal and the various features of WPEngine.

WPEngine Black Friday 2021 Deal Coupons and Details

WPEngine Black Friday 2021 deal will run throughout the Black Friday period. With this deal, you’ll get WPEngine Annual hosting for the price of 7 months, which means you’ll be getting 5 Free Months.

The savings are enormous, especially with their higher end packages. Hence, the reason why you should grab it now while you still can.

How To Avail WP Engine Black Friday 2021 Offer

wpengine black friday 2021 deal

So if you’ve decided, here are the steps to get WPEngine Black Friday deal:

  1. >>> Click on this link  to visit the WPEngine Black Friday offer Page
  2. Select the WP Engine Package of your choice
  3. Select your plan duration (I highly recommend you go for the annual package to get a total of 5 Months free hosting)
  4. The coupon code CYBERWPE30 should be applied automatically if you followed the link above. Else, simply use the code manually and go to checkout.
  5. That’s all

Why Grab This WPEngine Black Friday 2021 Deal?

1. Designed For WordPress

WPEngine focuses only on WordPress Hosting. This is unlike most other hosting providers that usually offer Managed WordPress hosting as part of their products.

This means that their servers are fortified with a configuration that offers the perfect performance for WordPress sites. Their support team is equally trained to troubleshoot WordPress related queries with ease.

2. Fastest Page Load Speed

What you do get in all WPEngine plans is their own EverCache technology, built to make WordPress websites faster for returning users. They automatically store data in the visitor’s browser so they won’t be downloading the same files each time they visit.

wpengine uptime stats

Combine this with the CDN (more about this below), and you’ll get some blazingly fast WordPress performance.

3. Inbuilt Content Delivery Network (CDN)

WP Engine partnered with the MaxCDN, which is a popular CDN provider in the hosting Industry. Interestingly, MaxCDN distributes access of your site static files all over the world rather than the server. So the nearby user is, in less time he can access your website.

In a nutshell, WP Engine CDN makes your website faster and will also reduce the use of bandwidth on the server, enabling you to use a light server plan with the MaxCDN.

4. Top Notch Customer Support

The customer support team WP Engine is made up of over 100 WordPress experts who are always ready and able to help the users with their WordPress specific problems. They boast of thousands of customer interactions each day with over 97% customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, WPEngine offers 24×7 customer support through live chat for all the users. But apart from that, they equally have phone support for all hosting packages except for the personal plan.

Any issues will be typically tackled via live chat or call, and they will create an internal ticket regarding your query.

5. Free Automated Website Migration

As expected, WP Engine Hosting offers you a big facility of migration, so you can effortlessly move your site from another host to theirs.

With the WP Engine migration plugin, you can easily move all of your website content to WP Engine File Manager in a twinkle of an eye.

6. Advanced Security Features

WPEngine equally provides lots of extra security features to their customers. For example, whenever there’s a new release of WordPress, they always update it to the latest version automatically, so you need not worry about those things.

Aside from that, they equally have a patented “intrusion detection and prevention algorithm,” which helps to block brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, SQL-injection attacks, etc. This is simply to ensure the security of your website and protect it from malicious attacks.

7. Knowledge Base and Support

Another exciting thing about WPEngine is its massive knowledge base of guides and tutorials. The knowledge base primarily consists of Blogs, Videos, and other necessary tutorials designed for you to quickly get used to WP Engine Hosting.

The WP Engine Blog is always updated with the latest changes, new services as well as how to configure hosting or how to use their cPanel. With the knowledge base, you’ll never get confused about anything as there’s always an easy guide to put you through.

8. WP Engine Extra Add-Ons

WP Engine Hosting also comes with some extra Add-Ons that’ll help to significantly improve your website performance. For example, the GeoTarget feature allows you to target a specified area in the world using.

Apart from the GeoTarget feature, below are some of the other essential add-ons that come with WPEngine hosting black Friday deal:

  • WordPress Multisite
  • Additional Websites
  • Content Performance
  • Dedicated Dev Environments
  • Application Performance
  • Customer success management
  • GeoTarget

9. Daily Website Backup

With WP Engine, you’ll have a daily backup of your website data. So if your website is compromised at any point in time, or if your site goes down as a result of Theme or plugin related problems, you can always recover it back from the daily backups.

10. Free SSL Certificates

WP Engine also offers you a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate (SSL), so you do not have to spend additional money to buy SSL. And with a professional and upwards package, you can effortlessly install your own SSL, if you decide to use a paid SSL.

WPEngine Black Friday Pricing Details for 2021

Basically, WP Engine comes in with 3 core hosting plans as shown below:

1. Startup Plan: At $35 per month, this is the entry-level plan, and it gives you one website support, 50GB bandwidth, 10GB storage, free SSL and backups, and is meant for websites that get up to 25,000 visits per month.

2. Growth Plan: This plan goes for $115 per month and is perfect for those that wish to host multiple websites. It supports up to 5 websites and up to 100,000 monthly website visits.

3. Scale Plan: The scale plan costs $290 per month and gives you access to host 15 sites on your server. It’s ideal for 400,000 website traffic per month and also comes with more resources.

These are the 3 core hosting plans of WP Engine. But aside from this, they equally have Premium and Enterprise packages that provide even more features with custom pricing.

During the Black Friday, you can get 5 months of FREE hosting.

Just make sure to use the coupon CYBERWPE30 to avail the deal.

Grab WPEngine Black Friday Deal Now!

FAQ About WPEngine Black Friday Deal

1. How can I avail their 5 months free hosting from WP Engine?

You need to purchase their annual hosting plan to get 5 months free hosting from WP Engine Black Friday offer.

2. What things make WP Engine a Premium Web Hosting?

The optimized environment of Dev, Stage, Prod of WP Engine alongside the Add-Ons make it a fantastic hosting provider. Also, it always uses the Latest version of PHP.

3. After buying WP Engine Hosting, Can I use Genesis Themes free?

Yes! After your successful purchase, even for 1-month plan, you’ll have instant access to Genesis Framework, and 35+ StudioPress themes right from your WP Engine hosting dashboard.

4. What if I’m not happy with their service?

WP Engine gives you 60-days money back guarantee so you can get back your money within 60 days of your purchase if you’re not satisfied.

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WPEngine Black Friday 2021 Offer | Conclusion

WP Engine is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting providers out there. They’re certainly costly when compared to most Managed WordPress Hosting providers around, but in the Premium Hosting Category, their products are pretty much affordable.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a good Premium Managed WordPress Hosting company, don’t miss out on this WPEngine Black Friday Deal.

However, if WP Engine does not sound convincing for you, probably because of the pricing, you can also look at this other Black Friday Web Hosting Deals listed below, I’m sure you’ll find exactly what’s ideal for you.

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