Flywheel Black Friday 2019 Deals [3 Months Free on Premium WordPress Hosting]

Flywheel Black Friday
flywheel black friday deal


Flywheel Black Friday 2019 sale is here again, and this time around, they’re offering giving out a whopping 3-months free on their premium hosting.

Flywheel Black Friday 2019 sale is here again, and this time around, they’re offering giving out a whopping 3-months free on their premium hosting.

Flywheel is basically one of the most reliable managed WordPress hosting around, and it’s meant for designers, agencies, and digital marketers alike.

Officially recommended by, Flywheel is equally known for its excellent customer support and high-quality features.

What separates flywheel from most other similar hosting companies is their features which allows you to create a website for your client first after which it will help you transfer the entire webpage to their control panel.

Finally, Flywheel offers different types of web hosting packages such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, etc.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a dependable web host for your new website, or you simply wish to change your current hosting and move to a host that won’t give you sleepless nights, then you should check out this Flywheel black Friday 2019 deal now and save big on a web host.


Details of Flywheel Black Friday 2019 Deals

flywheel black friday 2019 deals

Flywheel offers one of the best managed WordPress hosting in the industry. The company also provides fast website speed as well as high-performance features with a fantastic user interface (more on this later).

Now, talking about the Black Friday offer, Flywheel is basically offering its new customers 3-month free hosting on the yearly purchase as part of the Black Friday sale.

This is arguably one of the highest discounts ever given out by Flywheel hosting since its inception.

That said, here are more details of the Flywheel Black Friday Discount:

  • Black Friday Discount: 3-month free for every new annual plan
  • Monthly fee: From $11 per month
  • Subscription period: 12-months
  • Total bill: $165 for 15 months
  • Coupon Code: FLYDAY19
  • Full details: Learn More 


I’m sure you can’t wait to grab your own share of this massive discount, you need to act now while the offer is still available.

Flywheel Black Friday 2019 Sale | Company Overview

Launched in 2012, Flywheel started with one focus: improving speed and design for WordPress-powered websites. With a combination of solid website architecture and advanced software as well as expert support, Flywheel aims to give their users a fantastic web hosting experience.

Their concept was formed in October 2012 and later launched to the general public in September 2013. And today, they have users in over 90 countries in the world – and boasts of a rock-solid 99.99% uptime, and, in 2015 alone, they migrated about 7,677 WordPress sites.

Although Flywheel is slightly pricier than shared web hosting plans, but with their Black Friday deals, you should not hesitate to buy their services if you really want to enjoy a premium hosting experience.

What you’ll get from Flywheel Premium Web Hosting

Here are some of the things you’ll enjoy Flywheel premium web hosting:

  • Built for WordPress sites with server-side caching
  • Free website migrations
  • Aesthetic user interface
  • All users are on VPS server which is non-shared
  • Nginx as standard (naturally faster than Apache)
  • No overage charges
  • One-Click staging sites
  • Client billing transfer
  • Free Demo websites (Only pay when site go live)
  • Fascinating performance
  • Huge security and malware monitoring
  • Nightly backups stored off-site and one-click restores
  • Great uptime
  • Easy CDN integrations
  • Re-imagined SFTP

How to Grab Flywheel Black Friday Discount in 2019

Follow the steps below to instantly grab this flywheel hosting discount:

  • >>> Click on this link  to visit the deal page
  • Click on the Signup for Free button
  • Fill In your details to complete the signup process
  • Once logged in, click on “Create New ”
  • Fill all necessary Information and proceed to payment
  • Use the coupon code FLYDAY19 on checkout
  • That’s all


Why You Should Give Flywheel Black Friday Deal a Try

Below are some of the features that makes Flywheel an incredible web hosting company, which is why we think you should really check them out.

1. 99.97% Uptime

Flywheel boasts of a very consistent and impressive uptime levels.

Flywheel is always watching your back even if you suddenly get a huge traffic spike (probably after getting featured on Reddit’s homepage) and hence getting millions of visitors; your site will hardly go down.

It’s obviously impossible for any web hosting provider to have a 100% uptime, but a good host needs to prove its capability to reduce the downtimes to a minimum.

And even when an unexpected downtime occurs, the hosting provider needs to have a proactive support team that can restore things to normal in the shortest time possible. And, Flywheel comes out a winner in terms of uptime.

2. Free Website Migrations

Upon signing up for Flywheel hosting, you’ll be eligible for a free website migration. This means that you won’t have any problem if you wish to migrate your existing website from your current hosting company to Flywheel.

Flywheel will help you migrate your site effortlessly to your desired hosting package without any drawbacks or prolonged downtime. This will make it effortless for users who chose the bulk plan and want to migrate many sites from their existing hosting account to Flywheel.

Interestingly, this is the most sought after migration options you can ever enjoy freely from a hosting company. Ordinarily, other web hosting companies equally offer free website migrations, but Flywheel has an excellent free migration service for multiple websites.

3. Speed and Performance

Aside from uptime, your server speed and website load times are equally a critical factor that should determine your choice of a hosting provider.

Excitingly, Flywheel uses the Varnish caching engine, which helps to significantly optimize every portion of your site. This offers a massive boost to your website’s loading time.

That’s not all; Flywheel can also integrate a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your hosting account. In case you don’t know, this is another factor that plays a crucial role in enhancing your server response and page load times.

Finally, Flywheel equally has an inbuilt server-side caching and performance tuning features to further improve your website’s performance.

4. Impressive Customer Support

Flywheel has a pretty handy WordPress support which gives you rest of mind even when you’re faced with urgent issues. They offer 24×7 emergency support – and you can always reach out to their support team during the regular support hours between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. CDT.

You can typically contact Flywheel for any issues via the mediums below:

  • Telephone call at (888) 928-8882
  • Submit a support ticket to
  • Or use the live chat option during the support hours

The support team will always be there to assist you whenever you need them.

5. Top-Notch Security

Flywheel servers are securely configured to ensure the maximum possible protection for your site from every hacking attempt. They implement smart IP blocking on their security systems, which helps to identify any intruders and blocks them across all the websites.

Moreover, if your WordPress site got hacked, the team at Flywheel will help you to quickly correct the problem free of charge. This clearly demonstrates their confidence in their security system.

Apart from that, Flywheel also offers malware scanning and monitoring capabilities that help to keep your sites more secure. Flywheel actually partnered with Sucuri (a leading provider of WordPress security solutions) to make this possible.

Flywheel Black Friday Pricing for Year 2019

flywheel 2019 black friday pricing

Flywheel typically has two different pricing packages, one is for single websites, and the other is for multiple websites.

For the single websites, Flywheel offers three separate plans which include:

1. Tiny plan: Comes at $14 per month and offers 5GB disk space to embed videos and images, with 250GB bandwidth. This plan is ideal if you have a relatively low traffic site.

2. Personal plan: This plan costs $28 per month or $330 per year and provides double the resources compared to Tiny plan. It comes with 10GB disk space and 500GB bandwidth.

3. Professional plan: At $69 per month or $825 per year, this plan comes with 20GB disk space and 1TB bandwidth – and is the perfect plan if you run a high traffic website.

But aside from these payment plans, they equally have additional hosting plans, some of which are:

  • Freelance Plan: It costs $92 per month and comes with 40GB disk space and 4TB bandwidth, and allows you to manage about 10 WordPress installs.
  • Agency Plan: This plan costs you $229 per month, and it comes with 120GB disk space and 8TB bandwidth. With this plan, you’re able to manage about 30 multiple WordPress installs.


Flywheel Black Friday 2019 Deal Conclusion

As you can see from its features, Flywheel is one of the best managed web hosting providers in the market right now. They offer one of the most trusted and dependable managed WordPress hosting in the premium segment.

Therefore, if you’ve got a budget to manage your website on flywheel hosting, please go for it at once and don’t hesitate.

They also offer Free CDN (with higher hosting plan) as well as Free SSL and a managed support at a price a very affordable price.

This Flywheel Black Friday deal period is the perfect time to buy this world-class managed hosting at an insanely low cost – and they’ll equally help you to migrate your WordPress website for free, so you have nothing to worry about.

Finally, please let us know via the comment section if you have any questions regarding this Flywheel Black Friday sale.

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